“Carlijn Haveman is a Dutch freelance creative and owner of BY CARLIJN. As a little girl, she was instantly drawn to the creation of visual content. Her journey to becoming a freelance creative embarked when she found interest in developing short movies on cassette tapes, filming family and friends with a newly bought camera and educating herself on how to edit and release her own DVDs with designed cover. This turned out to be the beginning of a common thread of her career.

With the establishment of Wolff Jewellery and as a former co-owner, Carlijn found a way to apply her self-taught experience as a creative director within the company. She discovered her interest in designing (moving) visuals, which resulted in following an internship at the prominent women glossy LINDA. During her internship, she found love for storytelling through visual content. This ultimately drove her to continue working independently while focusing on making content for different brands and starting projects on her own.

Working with people from different backgrounds across the width of the industry is what inspires her most. Sharing their story and broadening her horizon is what keeps her passionate about her work.

Carlijn’s style can be described as raw, dynamic, and commercial, but she is keen on practicing new styles.”

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