Graphic Design

Branding | Wonderful Skin Clinic

Treatment Guide | Blush Clinic

For my thesis, I developed an online tool which supports customers in choosing the optimal treatment. This should improve the user experience and usability of Blush Clinic’s website.

Branding | Wolff Jewellery Amsterdam

I started Wolff Jewellery together with two partners in October 2018. We saw a need for meaningful personal jewellery and started our own brand. Each piece of Wolff Jewellery has its own story, which makes each of our jewellery special. Wolff stands for diversity and we wanted to ensure that everyone finds an item that fits them perfectly, or fits the person who will receive it as a gift. Jewellery with a story, worn with pride and meant to give you more strength. At the start of 2020 I made the decision to quit my work at Wolff and continue individually.

@wolffjewellery | website

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Tekengebied 8 kopie 4@4x

Logo | JW Marque

JW Marque offer 100% natural jewellery – and watch cleaning kits. They asked me to design a logo, which looks masculine, chic and simple. The logo contains the shape of a watch combined with a star-shape that represents the glow of a clean watch.



Campaign | NoNoise x Hanzehogeschool

NoNoise sells earplugs with hearing protection, i.e. against loud music noise. This campaign is designed to make consumers aware of the benefits of NoNoise and the importance of earplugs against hearing damage.

Logo | Temodari

Temodari offers attachments for water pipes. They asked me to design a logo that shows a dragon smoking hookah.

temodari transparant-09.png